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Is recruitment marketing for me?

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Is Recruitment Marketing for me?​

Over the course of the pandemic, recruitment marketing took something of a hit. Jobs were cut and many people moved out of sector.

As the industry returns to strength, however, hiring for marketing roles is becoming increasingly frequent, and the industry has lots to offer for out-of-sector marketeers.

Read on for an explanation of the benefits of working in recruitment marketing and what it takes to succeed.

Creative Freedom

Recruitment offers an attractive destination for marketeers looking to move into a new industry.

Firstly, there is considerable freedom with which to use your creativity. If you are overseeing your brand’s social media presence, for example, you are likely to have significant latitude to jump on current trends and viral content to promote your brand.

Recruitment marketing focuses on brand awareness and generally avoids quibbling over tone.

It provides the opportunity for you to inject more of your personality into campaigns and content.

There is also less regulation when compared with other industries, allowing quick-thinking marketeers to generate and execute new campaign ideas that might otherwise miss the optimum time for release while waiting for approval. 

It's not just a brand... it's brand's'...

There are plenty of opportunities for partnering with individual people in the business.

Every consultant has their own brand that they’re trying to develop. Your marketing skills can be enormously useful in helping them to do this, giving you the opportunity to prove your value across the business.

Every consultant is an opportunity to do something different – some may gravitate towards video content, some may have a knack for writing funny LinkedIn posts. 

Breadth Galore!

Recruitment marketing also covers a diverse range of areas, meaning a good deal of variation in your work to keep things interesting.

Marketing to prospective clients, candidates and potential future hires all require different approaches, so you will be kept on your toes!

Keeping your fingers in many pies!

You are most likely to thrive in recruitment marketing if you are comfortable in an all-round role.

As described above, it is a job with considerable variation, and often you will be either in a small marketing team or on your own.

You do not necessarily have to arrive with a holistic skillset, but a willingness to learn, try new things and step outside your comfort zone will go a long way.

Proactivity is another important trait. You are likely to have a high degree of autonomy, so identifying opportunities and acting on them will be appreciated.

Opportunity to get the creative juices flowing

In terms of your skills, creativity is a key asset to have – you will be more likely to succeed if you are able to capitalise on the freedom you get to conduct campaigns.

An ability to create original, attention-grabbing content is very useful.

Data-led marketing at it's finest

Ditto for data skills – recruitment companies tend to accumulate a lot of data, on candidates in particular, and the increasing realisation of this untapped potential means this is certainly something you can market yourself on.

The perfect home for a social butterfly

It is also important to consider the company culture.

Recruitment companies are typically fast-paced, dynamic environments with big personalities who persuade, cajole and bargain for a living.

If you are a social person, you will be well-suited to this and find it easy to forge relationships, and will likely enjoy this part of the job considerably.

But it is also important that you are able to stand your ground to a certain extent – sometimes you may be working in collaboration with a more senior person from another area of the business who you will have to push back on. 

What are you waiting for?

Recruitment represents an excellent opportunity for proactive, ambitious marketeers in other sectors.

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