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6CATS International: What's in store for international contractors in 2021


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What's in store for international contractors in 2021?

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8th January 2021

The situation in each country, regarding travelling and contracting, is changing almost on a daily basis, mainly as a consequence of Covid, and the information contained in this blog may not be as accurate at the time of reading as it was at the time of writing. Please check with an expert before committing.

Last year was difficult for us all, but for international contractors, the on-going uncertainty, border closures and travel restrictions certainly presented a challenge that no one could have predicted. But, as we begin the New Year, the news of a vaccine is certainly boosting confidence that the coming months will at least be slightly more positive, despite the news of further lockdowns in some countries.

So, what is in store for international contractors in 2021?

Demand still growing

One trend that we saw in the last part of 2020 that we certainly expect to continue this year is the growing need for contractors in specific regions and sectors. As we mentioned back in November, there’s pockets of demand globally, with contract work in Germany particularly rife at the moment. And across the renewables and finance arenas, expert international talent has been increasingly sought after, an uptick that we’re predicting will remain for at least Q1 in 2021.

The simple fact is, for many international contractors, no matter what is happening in the global economy, the need for overseas expertise will remain relatively stable where in-country skills simply aren’t available. It is arguably for this reason that we’ve seen so many hirers take a more flexible approach to engaging contractors remotely during the pandemic. While borders may have been closed, niche expertise are still very much in high demand.

As such, no matter what lies ahead for international contractors in 2021, many can bank on demand for their specialist skills this year.

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