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6 Top tips to make your resume stand out

Standing Out From The Crowd

6 Top tips to make your resume stand out


The current rec-to-rec market in the US is as competitive as it has ever been & I can seldom think of a time where there have been more high-quality candidates competing for a limited number of positions. As a result, it has never been more critical to have a resume that stands out to maximise your opportunity of landing that dream role.


So, here are my 6 top tips to make your resume stand out:


1.    Make a resume

For a resume to stand out you must actually have a resume. Gone are the days where you could just rely on your LinkedIn profile to suffice, you must make a resume.


Creating a resume also reiterates your commitment to finding a new role, and as a recruiter, you look at resumes for a living so there is no excuse!


2.    Include your billing history

An error I see all too often in resumes is that they do not include the recruiters billing performance. Ultimately, billings are the main KPI and a key differentiator in qualifying recruiters and are one of the first – and most important – questions which clients ask us so this must be included in your resume.


Alongside your billings, you should also include your average fee & average fee %. As business development is a particularly desirable skillset, if you negotiated your fees you should state that, as well as including how your margins compared to the business average.


3.    What sector do you operate within?

Simply stating the sector which you currently & previously have worked in can make your resume stand out to a business owner.


If you have experience in a relevant sector, you should have a ready-made pool of candidates and clients, which will naturally make you more desirable.


To increase your chances of standing out, include all the sectors which you have previously worked in.


4.    What do you currently do and what are you looking for?

Make crystal clear what you do in your current position. In the current market, business development experience is particularly in demand, so make sure you include:

360 consultants:

-       What size of clients did you break into?

-       What industry are your clients in?

-       What revenue did your clients generate?

180 consultants:

How many candidates are you placing a month? 

How deep is your network within your market?

When did you go above and beyond to secure a candidate a new role?

-       Are you open to moving into a role that includes business development?

-       What exposure have you had to clients?


Secondly, ensure you include on your resume what type of role you are looking for, what locations you would consider and the market which you would like to operate within. This is the section which you should adapt for each role you apply to.


5.    Be accurate with your dates

A bugbear for all internal recruitment and HR teams is gaps in a candidate’s resume and inaccurate dates, so make sure you include the month and year of each position you have gained, or qualifications achieved as well as addressing any gaps in your employment history.


6.    Include your systems experience

Finally, include what systems you have currently and have previously used. Internal recruiters may use Boolean searches to discover consultants with specific systems experience, particularly with the increase in remote onboarding, many clients prefer to hire candidates with knowledge of specific systems.



Here are my 6 top tips to make your resume stand out and give yourself the best possible opportunity to land a new position in this difficult market. Naturally, if you are looking for a new opportunity or are looking to hire the best candidates, please get in touch.