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Empowering Recruitment Marketeers - Meet the speakers!

Recruitment Marketing Speakers

Empowering Recruitment Marketeers Event - Meet the Speakers!

Camino Partners are delighted to be hosting the first event in our 'Empowering Recruitment Marketeers' series with Hoxo Media. This first event will focus on ROI, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing and we have some fantastic guest speakers lined up, so let's meet them!

Garreth Hayes

Garreth is the UK Marketing Director at, the UK's leading destination for jobseekers and clients. He has been in this role since the end of 2018 and has already overseen the launch of a number of new, multi-channel campaigns.
He has over 12 years of board-level marketing experience with five years' experience in recruitment marketing.
Prior to his role at, Garreth was the Global Marketing Director of SThree, a FTSE firm who span 50 offices over 20 countries where he managed a marketing team of 50. 
Whilst at SThree, Garreth helped the company to onboard Salesforce Marketing Cloud, was responsible for implementing some groundbreaking digital marketing technologies and is an expert in creating customer journeys with a tangible business impact.
At our event, Garreth will be focussing on Marketing Automation.

Chris Howard

Chris has worked in the recruitment industry for over ten years as a marketeer, starting at Manpower Group as a Brand Manager, before joining the Recruitment & Employment Confederation as a Marketing Manager and then heading up the marketing team. He's worked for European Life Sciences and IT Specialist Recruiter, SEC Recruitment, and is now the Chief Marketing Officer for the Apis Alvi group, a collection of businesses that provide recruitment services to the financial services industry through executive recruitment firm Aquis Search, as well as other services to the recruitment industry through BPO solutions provider brands Arbour Services, Research4Search and GRec2Rec.
Chris describes himself as a 'data-driven marketeer' and has managed projects such as website redevelopment, CRM integrations, email marketing, social media, PPC, etc, etc, etc. Chris readily admits that he loves working in the recruitment industry, saying "I love the fast-paced nature, I love that you have to be responsive and agile and above all, I love spinning plates."
At the event, Chris will be discussing all things ROI.

Faye Lewis

Faye has eight years of recruitment marketing experience. She initially cut her teeth at in email marketing and then went on to specialise in tech recruitment for five years. 
She recently became the Group Head of Marketing at Oceanova, where she's responsible for eight different brands predominantly based within education.
Faye is music-obsessed and prior to her career in marketing had a hedonistic few years as a music journalist (some of which she remembers!)
At the event, she will be discussing an automated big data campaign which reached an audience of over 1.7 million and was a springboard for a series of automated emails that resulted in a goal conversion rate of 30% which provided tangible ROI for her previous business.

Sean Anderson


Sean Anderson is the CEO and founder of Hoxo Media, an Inbound Marketing Agency that exclusively works with recruitment agencies to help them grow. 


He was previously a recruitment consultant himself having started his career in Australia and then was a top billing consultant in London when he finished in 2017.
In the last two years, Sean and his team have built a brand which is synonymous with marketing and social media across the industry. They boast 100% client wins through inbound marketing, which is what he will be covering at the event!
Camino Partners are dedicated to improving the recruitment sector and these events will provide a platform for recruitment marketeers to share best practice, ideas and innovations as well as network with like-minded professionals.
If you are interested in attending future events, contact today!