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The L-and-D of Opportunity: 3 Reasons Recruitment Trainers should relocate to the US

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The L-and-D of Opportunity: 3 Reasons Recruitment Trainers should relocate to the US

America, the land of opportunity? For L&D professionals, absolutely! This year there has been a boom in the demand for Recruitment Sales & Management Trainers to relocate to the United States, but what has caused this boom and why would potential candidates want to uproot and move to the US?

1)     An underdeveloped recruitment market in the biggest economy in the world

The United States provides a huge opportunity for the recruitment sector as a whole. Just take a look at the cold, hard facts.

The US economy is the largest in the world and accounts for 31.3% of global GDP.

In 2017, the GDP of the US economy was $19390.6bn, of which the recruitment sector contributed $142.8bn which equates to 0.7% of the US economy.

(Sticking to USD for ease of comparison)

In 2017, the GDP of the UK economy was $2622.4bn, of which the recruitment sector contributed $41.4bn which equates to 1.58% of the UK economy.

In the United States, there are just over 20,000 recruitment companies. Within the UK there are over 27,000.

An underdeveloped recruitment market in the world’s biggest economy can only mean one thing, opportunity.

From my research into the market, it tends to be a mix of large recruitment businesses and a number of one-man-band type companies hold a monopoly of the recruitment market (which has clearly reached nowhere near its potential when compared to the UK market). There is a huge gap in the market for everybody, particularly SME recruitment businesses.

For the majority of my international clients (or those looking to become international), the United States is the main target for growth and it is clear to see why and central to growing any recruitment business is the training of their sales staff. If you don’t see the opportunity the US represents to recruitment trainers, you’re in the wrong industry.

2)     Now is the perfect time to get on board

There is a huge gap in the market for SME recruitment organisations to not only establish themselves in the US but grow at break-neck speed. Getting on board now (particularly within SME’s) and being an integral part of the creation of an L&D function will put you in a position of strength to grow with an organisation and build a team. Where in the UK it may take 5 years to go from creating an L&D function to having a team of 3,4 or 5, etc. working below you, there is an amazing opportunity to establish a large L&D function at a number of offices throughout the US.

Adding to the career development opportunities, due to the expected hyper-growth within the US recruitment market, there is a premium on salaries. From my experience, an L&D professional in the US will earn 30% more than their UK counterparts.

It’s the equivalent of investing in Facebook when it was still called Thefacebook and Mark Zuckerberg was still sitting in his dorm room revising for his next Psychology exam. Yes, the seeds had been sewn, but the boom was still to come. With hindsight, anybody with two brain cells to rub together would have jumped at the opportunity to invest. The L&D market in the US is the same. Rub your brain cells together!

3)     Lifestyle

On top of the premium which L&D professionals can command in the US, there is a great lifestyle out there (you’ll be making extra money to enjoy everything it has to offer!)

Many recruitment businesses will sponsor not only a candidate relocating from the UK but generally will also provide a spousal visa, this represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a new culture.

Googling the ‘lifestyle of America’ will give you the result of ‘The American way of life or simply the American way is the unique lifestyle of the people of the United States of America. It refers to a nationalist ethos that adheres to the principle of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ I mean, yes, please!

It represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to start afresh, experience a new culture (which isn’t an extreme change from the UK) and utilise your experience to slingshot your career!

What would you rather be doing, battling the wind and rain to go and pick up your Tesco meal deal at lunchtime or taking a stroll down Santa Monica beach? It really is a no-brainer.

If you’re interested in earning a higher salary, having greater career prospects and lunching on Santa Monica beach, get in touch today. 


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