Training/Learning & Development

In order to get the best out of your sales teams it is imperative you induct, develop and provide them with the knowledge to recruit and manage effectively.  Not only that, but a well trained and fully inducted sales force has a much lower attrition rate.

We have a strong network of permanent and contract learning & development professionals who can design and implement a training strategy for your trainees, consultants and managers.  We have seen many of our L&D specialists not only impact the bottom line, but also increase retention rates.

Jon Martin - Team Leader

Roles Typically Covered:

- L&D/Learning and Development Consultant

Sales Trainer

- Training Coordinator

- L&D/Learning and Development Coordinator

- Training and Development Officer

- L&D/Learning and Development Manager

- Training Manager

- Head of Training

- Head of Talent

- Head of L&D/Learning and Development

- L&D/Learning and Development Director


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