Charlotte Urban
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Charlotte Urban


I am actively engaged with everything Human Resources focused and I'm now looking for the most talented HR and Operations professionals to join some of the most exciting recruitment businesses!

I previously studied Criminology and Sociology at the University of Exeter! I love all things to do with music and musical theatre as well as being surrounded by and going out my friends.

Who are the unsung heroes of recruitment?

From back-office to boardroom, we are championing them, placing them, building their team for them and more. We are the natural choice for anyone looking to add value to their recruitment business through exceptional support staff (the real driving force behind every business).

9 years ago Camino Partners began delivering exceptional operations, finance, marketing, L&D and all other non-fee earning professionals to the recruitment sector and we now work with some of the fastest-growing and most impressive businesses in the industry. We have placed in over 600 businesses in the sector.

Mission control, support function, central services, whatever you call them, these are the people that hold up the foundations of your business. These are the innovators who will streamline processes, implement new systems and look after your people and your brand.

We champion non-sales professionals, we advocate for our clients and we are improving the perception of the industry within which we work. We facilitate industry leading events, with expert speakers and a vast array of like-minded people. We aim to enable all support professionals and business leaders to be the best they can be.

Our network, sense of the market and attention to compatibility is unrivalled. We know the recruitment world inside out; we know what great talent for your business looks like and have unrivalled access to the best opportunities in the market.