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Improving your employee wellbeing in 5 simple steps

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Recruitment is a tough gig. And for many years, it was synonymous with long hours, and “work hard, play hard” culture. But as employee burnout and high turnover has made it harder for recruitment companies to achieve sustainable growth, more and more recruitment leaders have begun to consider the wellbeing of their employees as a crucial factor of their business planning.

And rightly so. Statistics show that 77% of recruiters have experienced burnout during their careers. Burnout which then leads to reduced productivity. To demotivation. To loss of confidence. And ultimately, to people leaving.

But it’s so avoidable. Sure, recruitment is hard, but leaders in the industry have so much room to make improvements, and to put their employees’ wellbeing front and centre. Here are 5 simple things you can implement easily that could have a massive effect on wellbeing across your organisation:

1. Invest in a Wellbeing Coach

We all know recruitment is a fast-paced, high-stress job. Sometimes people need to let off some steam – and that doesn’t always have to be by downing a few cold ones. Giving people a safe, confidential outlet, who can offer support, advice and coping mechanisms for strength could lead to a healthier workforce (and fewer hangovers). A dedicated wellbeing expert who can support your team's mental health, offering personalised strategies and resources, even just once a quarter, could really make a difference.

2️. Flexible Working Patterns

Giving people flexibility does two great things for your team – first it gives them more control over their working patterns, and second it shows them that you trust them. It doesn’t always have to be remote or hybrid working either, if an office-based set-up works best for you. Look at flexible start and finish times that enable people to do the school run or get to a gym class. Or look at flexible holiday schemes that enable people to buy or earn extra days. It's a win-win for productivity and work-life balance.

3. Wellbeing Budget

Your employees aren’t all the same. And what’s important to them won’t be the same either. So, when it comes to your benefits package, consider letting them personalise what they get. Instead of offering everyone free gym membership, give them a wellbeing budget and the freedom to spend it on what works for them – whether that’s yoga, reiki, swimming, counselling, or something else that brings them joy and enhances their overall wellness.

4. Healthy Snacks & Breakfast

They say you are what you eat. Fuelling your team's success starts with fuelling their bodies and brains. When you’re on the phones juggling candidates and clients all day, it’s easy to just reach for a chocolate bar, or get fast food delivered. Stock your office with healthy snacks to keep people energised all day and consider offering occasional healthy breakfast or lunches to keep everyone fuelled and focused.

5. Financial Advice Services

Money matters! And in recruitment money can fluctuate wildly. Some people will be getting windfalls for the first time in their lives. Others may be going through a dry patch for the first time in a while. Helping people to navigate their finances can take away a huge stressor. Offer financial guidance to help your team make informed decisions about their finances, supporting their long-term stability and helping them to save and invest wisely.

Why make the change?

Five simple changes that could make a massive difference. A happy, healthy team performs at their best. Taking care of their wellbeing will make sure they can bring their A-game every day. You’ll get increased productivity which leads to higher billing! You’ll also find it easier to hold on to your talent. Creating a supportive and nurturing workplace shows your people you value them, and if they’re treated well, you’ll gain their loyalty.

Looking after your team’s wellbeing will also improve their resilience. We all know that recruitment is full of ups and downs, and sometimes people experience a knock or two. If they’re motivated and engaged and their wellbeing has been looked after, they’re more likely to pick themselves back up quickly and move forward positively.

And of course, prioritising team wellbeing creates a more positive company culture, making your company more attractive to the best recruitment talent on the market, as well as graduate recruiters. You’ll boost employee morale and your employer brand.

Let’s create a brighter, healthier future for the recruitment sector, and show people it’s a career they can consider for the long term.