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Compliance Club Breakfast

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On Wednesday 28th September we are hosting our first Compliance Club Breakfast.

"Straight Outta Compliance", a breakfast hosted by Camino Partners and Granite BPO, will bring some of the most successful and influencial compliance professionals working in recruitment, into one room. It will be an opportunity for networking and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, with two excellent speakers, delivering talks on topics currently at the top of everyone's agenda, at the heart of the event: David Korthals-Clarke, Head of Compliance at INVESTIGO and Patricija Nasirovaite, Operations and Compliance Manager at SPARTA GLOBAL (see full talk details below).
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Great Compliance Minds Don’t Think Alike! by Patricija Nasirovaite 

Compliance is a tick box exercise, compliance is a stick to beat colleagues with and compliance is a sales blocker: three common compliance stigmas which Patricija will begin her talk debunking! There are two areas, alongside their day to day which any compliance professional, must consider. Firstly, Patricija will explore working with sales, how do you build trust? How do you understand their clients and how each client works differently?Secondly, compliance has become an integral part of strategy. In the second half of her talk Patricija will explain how to best manage stakeholders: presenting compliance as a cost saving tool, changing your vocabulary for the appropriate audience (moving away from technical or legal terms and using more business terminology). She will also look at which compliance qualifications really matter - and those that don’t!

Commercial enabler vs. the Sales Prevention Unit, by David Korthals-Clarke

David will begin his talk by giving an overview of the current legal landscape. He will walk us through the key topics for this year, with the common theme throughout being how to take active steps to demonstrate compliance. He will give an overview of: Data Protection, KID, Modern Slavery, Brexit, Covid/ hybrid working (in different countries), IR35 and pseudo-self-employment, Right to work check, Umbrella companies, ESG, Contracts & Bids and include examples for each.