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Ali Braid, Learning and Development Hero, our Unsung Hero March 2022!

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​Back in March, Ali Braid was nominated not once, not twice but three times for our Learning and Development Unsung Hero Award!

Ali Braid is now the owner of The Recruitment Trainer, a learning and development agency that aims to train recruiters by sharing the right techniques, tools and encouraging the right behaviors to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

She has been in the recruitment industry 18 years now, starting out as a recruiter in 2003, she transitioned to an Internal Recruitment and Training and Development combined role after 4 years, as she says herself, "I had to prove myself as a recruiter first."

Ali's nominations are testament to what an integral part she has played in so many businesses' growth:

"She has been amazing in helping me be more clear on my business objectives. How to work and plan my days and weeks, bringing in some KPIs for myself and also pushed me to hire a VA which has been the best decision I could have made. She's made me a better business owner and allowed me to take a step back and realise that not all business is good business. She's my guardian angel..literally!"

"Ali has gone above and beyond with helping me with my career in recruitment. She first trained me close to 5 years ago and when I set up by myself in early 2020, she offered huge support throughout the COVID pandemic. Last year, she provided fundamental support with my business and helped me achieve my revenue goals."

"Ali has been such an amazing to me and my business, I had become a bit of a victim of my own success, but struggling to juggle life and business! Ali made me realise I didn’t need to say yes to everything, and helped me to understand how to prioritise, she helped me gain the strength to make the decision to take some support on, and then provided a fabulous training course to my employee. Thank you Ali for all of your support."

When we met to discuss her career in more detail I suggested that "from reading the nominations she received for the Unsung Hero Award, it would seem the service she provides now is as much about supporting business leaders as it is about training consultants?" to which, in short, she replied I think the key thing is that people are realising that learning and development is for everyone, no matter seniority level. You can listen to her full response and the rest of our conversation below.

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