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Ella Mulraney, Operations Executive, our Unsung Hero Feb 2022!

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​Ella Mulraney was nominated for our Unsung Hero Award back in February by Operations Director of SOLA Group, Emily Thomas. The entry was so outstounding and really demonstrated the impact that Ella had on SOLA in a short space of time, which is why she won the Unsung Operarions Hero Award, "Without doubt, Ella improves the experience of working at SOLA for every single member of the team. She supports all departments from new junior hires right through to our CEO. Having Ella as part of my team has been transformational to my working life at SOLA and really given me a new lease of life in my own role!"

I'm sure we can all appreciate the challenges that covid presented when organising events. Ella organised an excellent Annual Sales Meeting at SOLA Group, having only been in the business for three months, never having met her team face to face, all while covid restrictions were still in place!

Another new challenge many Ops professionals faced, following the pandemic was office space - companies were deciding whether to downsize, whether to move to co-working or finding a space they could lease for less days. Ella found a space that met all of SOLA's new needs.

An Ops person should always have the trust of all of the sales team, Ella fostered an environment of support and trust at SOLA, quickly building relationships and being there to answer any question that was thrown at her!

As I'm sure we are all aware the onboarding process is just as important as the hiring and helps to build great company culture, as well as contributing massively to retention rates of employees. Ellacreated efficiencies in the process whilst at the same time making it a more personal "hand holding" experience for new internal starters and Incubatees.

​Attention to detail and consistency is something Ops professionals are generally passionate about. Ella took on all the primary support for what has been to date a 120-hire project. Roles under the project are released in large tranches with a complex vacancy coding and PO release and management process. With the volume of roles, it's essential to the project to have someone monitoring the process and making sure system use is in line with agreed project processes.

Ella's is a shinning example of a great operations professional - her entry could literally be used as reference for the skillset needed as an Ops Hero in Recruitment!

  • Agility

  • Ability to quickly understand culture and business needs

  • Ability to think outside the box

  • Strong relationship building

  • Attention to detail

  • Prioritisation

  • Efficency

  • Positivity

  • Dildiligence

"Ella is super hard working, extremely diligent, highly trustworthy and attacks her work with such positivity. There have been so many times that I've left a Teams call or face to face meeting with Ella feeling 10 times better than when the meeting started, in part because I know that whatever we have discussed is in safe hands and will be sorted but also, she's just a lovely person to work with!"