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Amy Williamson, Senior Marketing Executive, our Unsung Hero Jan 2022!

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​The story is a sweet one.
Back in January Amy Williamson nominated her manager Elizabeth Major for our Unsung Marketing Hero Award. Amy told Beth she had nominated her so that she could gain more specific insight into key campaigns and statistics, resulting in Beth nominating Amy for her brilliant marketing contributions since joining Bank Partners at Acacium Group!

Needless to say the entry that Beth submitted for Amy was incredible. For one Beth had clearly taken a lot of time to put the entry together, as had Amy for Beth. The whole teams passion for recruitment marketing and for each others work shone through! Notably though, Amy had done what every recruitment marketer dreams of; she took a campaign and not only made its success measurable but accelerated it as a result.

Beth said 'Prior to Amy joining we created “Love your bank” day to celebrate our NHS Staff Bank workers and show them some appreciation on Valentine’s Day each year. Amy built on the success of this and helped it grow with increased content, creative tailored merchandise and imagery in the lead up to each event which was coordinated across more than fifteen different sites. To allow us to track the success of the campaign she also organised the creation of a campaign landing page. The link was only shared on the merchandise and print flyers so enabled us the opportunity to see the success of the campaign in a way we hadn’t before and allowed us to see how it increased year on year. Her hard work was then recognised when she won our Exceptional Performer Award in late 2019 which included an all-inclusive trip to Croatia in 2020.'

Beth also included some lovely reviews and comments left by those in the team who nominated her:

"This year, Amy has performed above and beyond her role and has become an invaluable member of the team here. She truly represents the core values of our division."

“Although all parts of the business support one another, Marketing here are truly one of a kind! Amy supports my team with fantastic eshots, social media and even training. Nothing is too much and she regularly reaches out to see if there is more they can be doing to help us!!”

“Amy has built and updated some really fantastic marketing collateral for our Bank businesses over the last few months. The new material has been great for us to use to show our prospects and new sale leads what we're capable of in brilliant visual marketing which will be key to help grow our business.”

One of the first projects Amy undertook when joining Acacium Group in 2018, as Marketing Executive (coincidently after being placed by Camino) was to deliver company wide Social Media Training for Recruiters - as we all know getting recruiters onboard for 'marketing stuff' is not always an easy task, and many recruitment marketers have been blowing that personal branding trumpet for years now. Amy delivered training and helped the teams to create professional looking profiles and valuable content on LinkedIn, which resulted in an uptick in social media applications from 0.4% to 5.7% of all applications without increasing spend.

Beth said 'The results from this were so impressive that we actually asked her to deliver it to other brands within Acacium Group. I would go as far as to say it has changed the way we communicate with our audience and has also seen our internal staff become ambassadors for us online which has been a real asset to us when winning for new business.'

It's really no wonder why so many people in the business has so many great things to say about her:

“Amy is a mine of marketing information and her enthusiasm for all things social media is infectious. I've learnt so much from her training and really appreciate how she is always at the other end of a phone or email and willing to answer my random questions!”

“Amy has provided a lot of support for my team over the last few months in particular. I know she has been rushed off her feet with requests but she always takes the time to get it done and make sure it is done to a high standard. Thank you Amy!

“Not only has Amy supported my Trust through one of the most complex crises ever seen but she has always been available at the end of the phone with ideas to support my team. She will be sorely missed on maternity leave and we will very much look forward to her return.”

"Amy designed some great comms and attraction examples for a recent bid – even working with design to create a new logo for the ICS that we all love, and she wrote a really helpful piece on the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Comms Strategy for another bid which we have been able to directly insert adding real value (and saving me a fair amount of time!)."

And a huge shout out is in order for Beth, for both nominating her and clearly leading an excellent team!!

We caught up with Amy for a coffee, to congratulate her, present her with her winners hamper and to find out more about her journey as a recruitment marketer, which you can watch below, we look forwards to the Acacium team joining us at Unsung Heroes Award Dinner at the end of the year.

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