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Why start your Job Search this side of Christmas?

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​Take Advantage of the amount of the Jobs on the Market

Typically, companies generally roll out their annual strategy at the start of the year, or at least review their budgets and hiring plans for the coming year in January. In turn, this creates a boom in job opportunities.

Beat the Crowds

52% of people aged 16-24 look for a new job in the New Year with 32% of all Brits hoping to find a new job in January. The easy thing to do is wait until after Christmas but one trait all employers look for is proactivity, so starting your search now will not only allow you to beat the crowds but will also display a highly desirable personal trait.

Finding the right role takes time

If you’re looking for a new position, it can sometimes take a while.

If you’ve decided already you want a new job in the new year, start now!

Let’s quickly break down the standard recruitment process. Write your CV, search for jobs, apply for jobs, meet recruiter(s), 1stinterview, 2ndinterview, maybe a third interview, company makes decision, company makes an offer, you accept the offer, hand your notice in, work your notice period, then you start your new position. Point made? Do not kid yourself if you decide over Christmas/New Year that you want a new job that it will happen overnight. It is something which you need to commit to (which means ensuring you’re making the decision to change jobs for the right reasons).

What can you actually do in December?

The fundamentals

At the start of any job search you must establish:

  1. Why do I want to change jobs?

  2. What do I want to get out of my next job?

  3. What are my career goals?

  4. Why would somebody want to hire me?

  5. Am I being realistic about my salary expectations?

Write your CV

How many times have you heard you should be regularly updating your CV while not looking for a new role? And aren't we all guilty of absolutely not doing this?

This is the time-consuming part. CV writing holds up so many people in their job search. As December is a quiet month, take advantage of this and write your CV.

Sign up with a Recruiter

Signing up with the right Recruitment Consultant will add immensely to your job search. Ensure they completely understand what it is you do and where you want to go with your career.

A good recruiter will be privy to conversations about strategic hiring within their client’s businesses, so through them, you will have access to exclusive opportunities which are not being advertised to the wider public. Take advantage of this!

They will know the market, understand their clients, help you establish your fundamentals and will become a pillar of support in your job. Make sure you are at the top of their thoughts for both the roles they have available now, but also for the influx of new positions in January.

You know it makes sense..

Take these simple steps and you won’t have to miss your bonus, the Christmas party, use any holiday days or wait until you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to secure your new job in January. Act now!

If you want to put yourself in pole position for a new role and find a recruiter to support you on your journey, get in touch today.

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