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4 Reasons Why Recruitment is a Good Industry for Your Finance Career

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Recruitment is not necessarily the first industry that comes to mind when considering a career in finance. But whether you're a credit controller, freshly qualified accountant or already part of management, you'd be surprised at how much the sector has to offer.

Read on to find out about recruitment's fantastic culture, opportunities for career progression, exciting future and accelerating investment.


If you've avoided going into practice because you found the accounting industry’s culture too stuffy and formal, recruitment is an excellent alternative. Some executive search firms aside, recruitment companies are comparatively informal. Many have relaxed dress codes and offer significant flexibility on working from home and working hours. Company incentives are also a regular feature, from trips to the pub to fun activities like escape rooms. Some companies even take their staff on holiday!

But recruitment culture isn’t just a matter of company policy. You’ll be working alongside people who, by the very nature of their job, are chatty and extroverted, and the average age in the office is typically young. Recruitment offices are buzzy, high-tempo places where things are constantly happening, so you’ll never be bored. 

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Make your mark 

As a member of a recruitment finance function, you have a real opportunity to demonstrate your value to the business. From producing management accounts to managing complex payroll to dealing with cashflow and tax issues related to fluctuating company income, there’s plenty to be getting on with. 

Many smaller recruitment companies are run by owner-entrepreneurs who founded the company. While these are typically highly driven, motivated individuals who excel at leading the fee-earning side of the business, they do not have the financial skills of an accountant.

So this makes the role of the finance function more crucial than ever when it comes to setting business strategy, and you’ll likely have the opportunity to develop and utilise your FP&A skills and make an impact.

A growing industry

Recruitment is a booming industry. Having weathered some difficult months at the height of the pandemic, the sector is now capitalising on insatiable demand for new employees from across the economy.

Rapid growth means opportunity for anyone working within it, and finance functions are one of the first areas of company targeted for upgrade when it grows. So if you’re up to it, this could be an excellent chance to take on more responsibility and accelerate your career progression.

Private equity 

External investment is increasingly influential within the recruitment sector, with 52% of M&A deals in H1 this year being private equity deals. For an ambitious, up-and-coming finance professional, this should boost the attractiveness of recruitment as an industry. 

If you would like a future in senior finance, having experience of working with investors is a pivotal part of your CV. Gaining exposure to and interaction with private equity firms is a great way to develop your understanding of finance and expand your skillset. 

Outside investment is also good news for the finance function, as one of the first post-deal steps is usually to expand and upgrade the finance function in order to increase the sophistication of reporting and prediction 

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