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Welcome back, Ciaran!


Welcoming back, Ciaran Donaghy!

Ciaran recently re-joined Camino Partners as a Senior Recruitment Consultant in the Camino Media brand. Ciaran shares his thoughts on what it is like joining Camino as an experienced Recruitment Consultant and why the opportunity to move back was just too good to turn down.

Ciaran, how does it feel to be back?

Absolutely brilliant.

A lot of what I loved about this company, the people, the support and the culture have stayed the same, but it is also great to be back in London. It is great to see where Camino is heading, we have ambitious plans and I cannot wait to be a part of everything going forward and providing a great service to my candidates and clients.

Why did you decide to re-join Camino?

The reason I decided to move home to Northern Ireland was a family-orientated and personal decision for me. From the moment I handed my notice into Camino, they were very supportive and understanding but naturally very disappointed. Thereon in, a number of people from Camino kept in regular contact with me, let me know how the business was progressing but also made me feel I was still a valued member of the team and very much missed. With all that in mind, when the circumstances allowed me to move back to London, Camino was the natural choice.

What changes have you noticed in Camino in the 18 months you have been gone?

A lot, but not much!

Whilst there have been a lot of really positive changes, with the opening of three new divisions which are already showing excellent results. There have also been a number of positive internal changes; such as moving into a bigger office in preparation of our next stage of growth.

The things which make Camino great remain unchanged. Our values and what we stand for remain the same; the Directors and senior management team are still here which has provided a continuity in Camino which has made my transition easy. I was gone for nearly two years, but it feels like I’ve not been away at all!

Why would somebody want to join Camino?

Coming back to Camino, I genuinely feel like I’ve come home. There are very few recruiters who would leave a recruitment company, go back to their country of birth and still feel like they’re more at home at their employers abroad! I know that sounds corny and I know it sounds naff, but Camino really is an excellent place to work, I genuinely feel like I’m working with people who are friends for life.

Why would a Senior Consultant want to join?

As I’ve already mentioned, we are undergoing an exciting period of growth, there is a great untapped potential which an experienced recruitment consultant could come in and really take ownership of.

And, do you want to tell Matt Newman (our USA Director) how much you love him?

I think he already knows. You know I love you, Matt.

We are currently hiring for experienced recruitment consultants. If you're interested in following in Ciaran's footsteps and would like to have a confidential conversation, contact Natasha South on