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Why would anybody want to be an Executive Assistant in the recruitment sector?

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Why would anybody want to be an Executive Assistant in the recruitment sector?

Well, who wouldn’t?! Being an EA in the recruitment sector is GREAT!

‘Behind every strong business is an even stronger EA.’[1]

EA’s make a huge contribution across businesses. Whether they’re managing events, projects, office moves, networking, managing suppliers, reducing supplier costs, managing junior members of staff or diary/travel management (yes, they do all this and then some!) they’re generally the heartbeat of all successful recruitment businesses.

EA’s are astonishing, why would they want to work in recruitment?

Well, believe it or not, the recruitment sector isn’t a horrible, ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ style industry, it is wonderful. A pillar of the UK’s economy who employs over 100,000 people, is responsible for over £1.3m in temporary work daily, helps nearly 1m professionals find permanent jobs annually AND is continuing to grow at a Brexit-defying 9% a year. Add into that the people who work within the sector are amazing, but more on that later.

EA’s are incredible, as is the recruitment sector and they’re a match made in heaven.

And it turns out I am not alone in believing this. I have reached out to 5 of the leading EA’s in the recruitment sector to get their views on what makes their jobs GREAT!

Amazing Company Cultures

One thing the vast majority of recruitment companies can offer is an amazing company culture and EA’s are central to that.

“What makes being an EA in recruitment great is the company culture. It is energetic and fast-paced but also has a collaborative culture. You have to interact with the entire office and know what is going on. You have to be on the ball.” Kully Paul – Robert Half.

Build Lasting & Meaningful Relationships

The role which EA’s play allows them to become integral to recruitment businesses and in many cases, they’re the face of the company. Building and managing those relationships is a potentially challenging aspect of being an EA, but it is also one of the most rewarding.

“The industry, the morals and the relationships. Recruitment is all about the people and the values that are installed. As a PA, I had access to candidates and clients and it’s forever changing. You’re always subjective to things which I embraced. It’s never steady!” – Holly Dawson

Relationships are a vital part of both being an EA and working within the recruitment sector. The recruitment sector is an incredibly people-centric industry and successful EAs embody this trait.

Challenge & Develop Yourself

“The sheer rapid pace within recruitment allows you to continuously challenge yourself and exceed personal goals resulting in a sharper skill set. You’ve got the freedom to influence change and make an impact whilst really getting your voice heard. It’s awesome to be able to create real value in the business every single day.” Natalia Fellows – ChapmanBlack.

EA’s make an impact on the business (otherwise, what is the point?!). Being an EA in the recruitment sector means you have the opportunity to have a tangible & quantifiable effect on your business whilst constantly challenging yourself.

It is a ‘win-win’ for recruitment businesses and EA’s alike! The dream.

The People

The personalities of those you work with can make the difference between staying up on a Sunday night because you’re dreading going into work on a Monday morning and forcing yourself to sleep like a kid on Christmas Eve so Monday morning will come around quicker.

Would you rather walk into work on a Monday morning to a dead office where all you can hear is boring Greg from Compliance snoring, or would you rather walk into a buzzing, vibrant office? I know which I’d prefer.

“You have to have a certain personality to work in recruitment. Energetic, enthusiastic and interesting” Clare Hemmings - formerly Shilton Sharpe Quarry.

Personality is massive in any business. Sure! But if we take into consideration how fast-paced and collaborative the company culture is in recruitment, personalities are incredibly crucial. I’m not saying you must be high on coffee and swinging from KPI’s. I recently walked in on dear old Tom telling a story about proposing to his girlfriend in Thailand on the top of a cliff. I mean, this a tad dull and I’m a little offended that he asked her and not me, but my point is, I’d rather walk into a room with conversation than an awkward library. No two days are the same in the recruitment sector and this is thanks to both the nature of the industry, but also the people who work within it.

What Makes a Great EA?

“A good EA can adapt to change easily, keep calm and keep a positive attitude. Financially markets change, laws change, therefore their priorities and strategies change. A good EA most likely will never get bored.” Charlotte McCarthy – Medacs Global Group.

In an ever-changing industry such as recruitment, EAs need to not only be able to keep up with this but be ahead of the curve. EAs pre-empt changes and deal with issues before they even arise!

If you’re an EA working within recruitment, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Why do you love being an EA in the recruitment sector?

Business owners, if you’d like an amazing EA of your own, get in touch with me, I am working with a number of amazing EA’s who you’d be lucky to have!

Feel free to drop me an email or give me a call, / 0203 826 1161.

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[1] Kianna Briggs, 26.09.2018