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10 Top Tips to become a Marketing Manager

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10 Top Tips to Become a Marketing Manager

Every day I speak to Marketing Executives who want to become Marketing Managers. But how do you actually make the transition from being an Executive to being a Manager?

Here is what a number of successful Marketing Managers recommend:

1. Know the basics

Make sure you understand and can confidently explain the basic principles of marketing. It helps to be able to back up your ideas and views with theory, not just past experiences.

2. Return on Investment

Change your mindset from being purely creative and tactical. Have a greater focus on your output. Think about the impact your marketing activities have on the sales-team (in particular within the recruitment sector).

The good and the bad! Watch how they fulfil their role and how they interact with others. Some observations may be on how to do things well, some may help you discover how not to do things. However, every experience shapes your career for the better helping you progress. Work collaboratively with all areas of the business and learn how they interact with marketing.

4. Stakeholder Management

Learn how to interact with CEO’s and Senior Management, understand how they think, how they are trying to grow their businesses and how they think marketing affects this. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH MARKETING JARGON! Network internally, when you become a manager people need to buy in to you, so build relationships across the business. This will serve you extremely well when you make the transition.

5. Reporting

As an executive, you may have a plan laid out. At the next level, you will start having meetings with the sales managers, find their pain points and then take those away by coming up with marketing plans to help them.

6. Ask Questions

How else do you learn? Take a step back, listen and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Why do you need this? Who is it aimed at? How will this help you? 

7. Take Ownership

Take ownership over your projects and areas to get things completed. Do what needs to be done to get them over the finish line of your own accord, rather than relying on your Manager to chase you.

Voice ideas and make suggestions.

9. Live and breath the company values

A manager must live and breathe the company values.

10. Have high standards

Do not be afraid to push back and challenge (often yourself) if you think something is not good enough.

Are you a Marketing Manager? If so, I would love to hear your opinion. What would your top tip be?

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