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Royal Engagement: If you're punching, put a ring on it!

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Royal Engagement: If you're punching, put a ring on it!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement was announced this week. Great news! Another royal wedding to look forward to! But if this wasn’t a royal wedding, wouldn’t we all be asking the question, ‘how on earth has Harry managed to bag himself Meghan?!’

What lessons can recruitment take from this royal engagement?

If you’re punching, put a ring on it

Look at the picture. Remove the fact Harry is a Prince. Would you say (on a completely superficial level) they’re a couple? Probably not.

Imagine you’ve just met a candidate whom you think is absolutely brilliant and better than anybody you could ever imagine meeting. They may well be too good for you, but shhhhhhh, put a ring on it and hire them! They’re clearly going to add value, so tie them down.

Don’t be scared off by a lack of longevity in previous positions

Meghan’s previous marriage lasted three years, not quite fulfilling that life-long commitment. Does that mean Harry and Meghan won’t be married happily ever after? Absolutely not. Relationships, both work and personal come to an end for a reason and this history should not detract from the perfect match in the future.

If it is right, move fast!

Harry and Meghan had their first date in the summer of 2016 so being engaged before Christmas 2017 is a quick turnaround. If it is the right match, why wait around?! If you’re hiring and you meet somebody who will add value to your business/life, don’t drag on the process to a point where they will lose interest in you. Get them onboard and become a power couple!

Take a ‘blind date’

The happy couple met as a result of a random introduction from a mutual friend and are now set to spend their lives together. Isn’t this the same as a speculative CV from a recruiter? The recruiter knows both the candidate and client (or at least should do!), so why not take the opportunity to meet? Who knows what it might lead to. 

If you're looking for a new position or are interested in hiring your very own Meghan Markle*, get in touch.

*Disclaimer: I can't actually get you Meghan Markle