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Operations Staff are Disposable..... They don't Bill!

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Operations Staff are Disposable...They don't Bill!

Have you ever thought about what happens after you close a deal? The steps necessary to ensure you get your commission? The reason you can do your job on a daily basis?

Imagine it’s 8am. You’ve walked to the office door but can’t get in. Your key card has failed, or maybe it’s the door. You pull out your mobile and start making calls through your phone app, but your phone isn’t connecting to the wireless. Turns out it’s a problem with the server. You arrive at your desk frustrated and over an hour late. A glitch in the system means everything is slow to load and not functioning. On your way to the kitchen you trip over multiple delivery boxes and discover there is no milk for your tea.

Thirsty and irritated, you go back to your desk where your phone is ringing. It’s your contractor who has arrived on site and been told they can’t start work today as the client has received none of the necessary documents. Following this, you receive last month’s pay check, minus the three deals you know you placed. It turns out the companies haven’t paid for these placements and your commission hasn’t been calculated correctly. To top it off, there is no incentive this Friday as it hasn’t been organised and the new starters intended for Monday never got their offer letters and contracts. They’ll on-board elsewhere.

It’s very easy to discount your Operations Manager as simply “there” and not acknowledge how essential their daily role is. Operations Manager’s may not directly bill, but trust me, without them neither do you!


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