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5 Reasons Marketing in Recruitment is GREAT!

5 Reasons Recruitment Marketing Is Great Blog

5 Reasons Marketing in Recruitment is GREAT 

If you’re a marketer, you might be wondering why you would ever want to work in the recruitment sector. I could start with some boring statistics, such as the recruitment industry being worth over £35bn to the UK economy or the fact that number has nearly doubled in only 7 years, but let’s be honest, any industry can throw stats at you. What should excite you, is that with over 30,000 recruitment businesses registered in the UK, this competitive market is allowing marketers to explore new avenues of creativity across a whole range of audiences and use strategic marketing to drive their businesses forward.

Piqued your interest? Here are 5 reasons why marketing within the recruitment sector is so great, from some of the people who lead the way…

1) It’s a new and evolving sector

As a broad generalisation, the recruitment sector has arrived to the marketing party unfashionably late. A huge positive in this for marketers is that there is no set formula, no defined ‘right’ way to do things which leaves lots of creative freedom and opportunity to explore untouched marketing avenues.

 ‘Working in an ever-evolving sector, marketing needs to make sure recruitment businesses stand out from the crowd’, this means you have ‘lots of creative freedom and opportunity to explore untouched marketing avenues.’ - Nicholas Eveleigh - Marketing Manager @ McGregor Boyall.

2) It’s intellectually stimulating

Marketing within the recruitment sector involves marketing for the three C’s, clients, candidates and consultants. This represents challenges which are unique to the recruitment sector and should excite any self-respecting marketer.

‘You are not selling chocolate bars or ball bearings where things are fixed. Generating interest from clients, whilst driving candidates and ensuring consultants don’t tarnish the brand is a difficult mix to get right’. But what a challenge! - Robert Woodford - Director @ The Marketing Junction.

3) You’ll develop an incredibly broad range of skills 

Recruitment marketing involves both B2B and B2C marketing, therefore allowing you to develop a really wide range of different marketing skills.

'The B2C marketing is mainly done digitally so you’ll get to develop skills such as web design, SEO, blogging, social media,

 email marketing and understanding analytics. 

With this range of different target audiences you’ll also be having to adapt your marketing approach,

‘What makes working in marketing great for me is that there is a good mix between online marketing (mainly social media) that is quite informal and the more formal and serious side such as writing reports and organising industry related events.’  Anon.

4) No two days are the same

 The Recruitment sector is renowned for being fast-paced and this is no different for the marketing teams.

 ‘One of thethings I love about working in marketing in recruitment are: No two days are the same - it's a very fast-paced and dynamic industry so things often change last minute - which keeps marketing fresh, current and continually enjoyable.’– Anon.

5) The People

This really is a two-pronged reason. Firstly, it’s people that you work alongside really make a job; and for the recruitment industry this is even more prevalent. Recruitment offices are renowned for being vibrant, buzzing and often animated environments to work in; they are tumble-weed free zones, so the culture in recruitment, more so than any other sector, makes it a fantastic industry to work in. Secondly, you are positively influencing the lives of real people!

‘everyone is very friendly/open to new ideas (plus the banter in recruitment is hilarious and everyone I work with is very quick-witted which keeps the days entertaining!)’ - Anon.

 ‘Working as a marketer for a recruitment firm (or a staffing solution company, in my case) means that you are not trying to sell products, but you are promoting real people. You have the chance to make the difference and change someone else's life in a valuable way. You get to speak directly to your audience, listen to people stories and trust me; there are some amazing individuals out there. I'm a people person, so this factor is fundamental.’ - Marta Fabiani - Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager @ Off to Work.

So, there you have it. That is why Marketing within the Recruitment sector is so fantastic and unique! As these skills are so in demand your career options are endless, if you have recruitment sector experience you will always be in demand.

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