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How to: Utilise limited resources for Recruitment Marketing

I Have No Budget So Cant Do Anything Marketing Blog

How to utilise limited resources for recruitment marketing

‘I have no budget, so I can’t do anything’.

This is one of the most common reasons I hear for why marketing professionals are looking to leave their current roles. So, if you have limited resources, what CAN you do?

Find out what your business wants

“Are you there to deliver sales support for client bids? Branding enhancements? Or lead generation? Social media engagement? Website conversions? Discover what your business really wants from marketing and you can effectively prioritise your time and efficiently allocate the resources you do have.” - Chris Howard - Head of Marketing @ SEC Recruitment

Content is King

“Focus on the creation and distribution of focused, credible content. Utilise your internal placement statistics to create compelling, bespoke content that your sales team can use to take to meetings- generate leads and BD.” - Neil Wilkie - Talent Engagement, Marketing & Training Specialist @ Seventy Seven Normal

“The first month in my new job, I binned our shiny corporate brochure and started pushing out these homemade packs. Goal? Show our capabilities in a niche area to a hiring manager – with the information they want to see – how long have you worked with that client, track record, breadth of relationship with the client. Cut through the noise. Show you’ve taken some time to prepare for the meeting. ROI? Content that marketing has supported sales with that has resulted in NFI – and we have tangible results from our support. Besides some low-cost printing and binding, this doesn’t cost much.” - Sarah Roebuck - Head of Marketing @ Eames Consulting


Utilise what you have internally

“One trick to working with no budget is to spend more time talking internally and seeing how you can leverage internal knowledge to deliver blogs, social media activity, etc...Telling your story is free. Use the channels you have to push out the messages that support your employer brand strategy. Q&As with colleagues, meet the manager blogs, photos from team socials and events. Costs nothing aside from time. Identify your goals, outline your key messages”. - Sarah Roebuck

Return on Investment

Measure everything. But one thing you always have to remember: measure as much as you can and test different things – find out what content is successful that you produce and replicate more types of that content. – if you don’t have a budget then you have to be clever and monitor everything that is successful and try to replicate – that rule should apply whether you have a budget for anything or not.

“Senior management will back you/put their support behind your campaigns and activity if you can effectively demonstrate how you’ll be able to support the growth of the business and bring in tangible results. If you can align your campaigns/objectives with those of the business as a whole then you’ll be much more likely to get buy-in.” - Jenny Ayre- Marketing Manager @ Quanta Consulting Services

Every Little Helps

Make every little thing as impressive as possible. If you’re using PowerPoint switch to Prezi, for an online brochure using free page turning technology. If it is enhancing your employer brand, then you need to use social platforms to raise awareness of your brand first and foremost.

Use sites such as to see what is on the market which will enhance your output and not cost you a penny!

“Use simple, free, social observation tools like TweetDeck to start talking to people online and building your presence. Find Apps that allow you to schedule social media activities, like Buffer or Hootsuite. Build your presence by starting to generate content from within your business” - Chris Howard

“Finally stop whinging. You are a recruitment marketer and we are made of stronger stuff!” - Robert Woodford- Principal Consultant and Founder @ The Marketing Junction


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