The Camino Girls'​ Advice to Women Starting Out in Recruitment!

The Camino Girls'​ Advice to Women Starting Out in Recruitment!

08 Mar 09:00 by Natasha South


In 1553 Mary I became the first woman to rule England in her own right. In 1880 the first three women were awarded degrees from British universities. In 1918 the first set of women were given the right to vote. In 1956 Britain had their first female judge. In 1963 the first female astronaut entered space. In 1979 we had the first female Prime Minister. Last year we had the second. In 2017 the women of Camino Partners shared their advice with budding female professionals wanting to enter the world of recruitment.

Ok, so perhaps it doesn't have quite the same grandeur as the other milestones I may have mentioned. Nevertheless, in the spirit of International Women's Day, we thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the fact that we live in a world where women can share their thoughts, advice, and knowledge on a professional platform.

So, without any further ado, here's a little insight into what advice we would give women starting out in recruitment:

"Having worked in the wonderful world of recruitment since the age of 18 in a variety of different roles, I couldn’t imagine myself working in a different industry. I began working as a compliance officer, then a recruitment consultant to now working in Operations. The advice that I would give to women starting out in the recruitment industry is that there are many different areas within recruitment that you can pursue and I would definitely recommend being patient. As long as you put the effort in the rewards will start to show, despite this perhaps not seeming apparent at first.” -      Claire Putt, Operations Assistant


“Forget the 'recruitment is harder if you’re a woman' or that men do better in sales'. Use your personality to your advantage, be honest, direct, sensitive to others and respect individuals’ decisions. A good attitude goes a long way, even in the recruitment world. The effort you put in will reflect in your billings, male or female; it’s what you make of it!"-      Esther Fraenkel, Senior Recruitment Consultant (Placing Executive Assistants & Operations staff)


"Recruitment is exciting, recruitment is unpredictable, recruitment is tough. Be unashamedly proud of being good at what you do and work for a company that encourages, supports and respects you as a professional."-      Molly Hogan, Consultant (Placing Finance Managers & Controllers and Qualified Finance staff)


“It can be difficult to enter into a profession that is as well renowned as Recruitment is for being male dominated. My main piece of advice is never doubt the integrity of your achievements. People can be jealous of success and try to reduce it to gender bias. You are not great at sales because you bat your eyelashes, you are great at sales because you are great. Full stop. And remember, who run the world...” -      Natasha South, Operations Manager


Today is about celebrating the fact that the world is becoming more and more accepting of women as recruiters, women as leaders, women as experts, women as adventurers, women as pioneers - women as whatever the hell they want to be!

Happy recruiting, ladies!