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So, you want to buy me a coffee

So You Want To Buy Me A Coffee Recruitment Blog

So, you want to buy me a coffee?

Social media is in, cold calls are out and people are busy. Too busy to talk. Too busy to meet. Too busy to spend 30 minutes discussing how to grow the most valuable part of your business. Your people.

I get it. You are busy. I am one of the many people that will knock on your door today and ask for your time. I know that you can’t give it to everyone, so why should you give it to me?

5 Reasons to talk to me


 I will be on time, alert and attentive, consultative and well researched. I know our industry and understand who would add value and how.


I am an excellent recruiter. I ask questions and then actually listen to the answer. I can advise you on what salary you should be paying your staff, current market trends and how your competitors are doing their hiring.


I haven’t come to meet you to demand projects to work on instantly, I simply want to supplement the hefty research I will have already done, with the information you can’t find online. By understanding your business vision and how you will grow over the coming years, I will be prepared (and therefore more efficient) when it comes to working with you. Furthermore, should an excellent candidate be discreetly leaving a competitor, I will be able to flag them to you.


Any growing business that is serious about getting the right talent through the door should have an established relationship with an industry-specific recruiter. Relationships take time and the best one comes from face-to-face interaction.


You never know what is around the corner. What if your operations manager resigns tomorrow? How long can a business go without a strong financial controller?

People are your most important resource, hiring the wrong one is expensive. You might not be hiring for a short while, but that doesn’t mean our relationship can’t begin earlier. I don’t want to speak to you every week and be your best friend. I do want to be on your radar as the person you chose when you hire.

Take thirty minutes and give it a go. I’ll come to your offices, pay for the coffee and you might even enjoy yourself.