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Guest Blog - Motivation is the key to success.

Motivation Key To Recruitment Success Blog

Motivation is the key to success

Guest blog from David Curtis, Learning and Development expert to the Recruitment Sector.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to work with some highly successful people across the globe. Working with Executives, Business Owners, CEOs and Managing Directors has exposed me to many experiences, situations and discussions. I am always asked the question ‘what do I feel it takes to be successful in either life or business?’.

In sales, we are told success depends on a number of elements – how well you know your market, how you utilise the key performance metrics in your business, how well you network, form strong relationships and hit consistent activity, etc…for me though there is one thing that made all of the highly successful people so successful – motivation! They were motivated beyond the norm. Being the best they could be and the best their respective organisations could be was the overriding driver and one that was so strong they never once told themselves they couldn’t be successful.

Now I know that highlighting motivation as a key to success is nothing new and a lot has been written about motivation. The reason I want to highlight it however is because when working with consultants and salespeople the main reason I see that they are not performing to the level they could be is not that they don’t have the ability but more because they do not have the drive or motivation to ensure that they are the best and doing all of the things it takes to be the best!

If we were to think about it, realistically how many of us wake up every morning with the same burning desire and need to be the best and therefore give absolutely everything we’ve got to get there? Not many I’m sure. Instead how many of us wake up in the morning and wish we could curl up back into bed and not go to work? How many of us force ourselves to go to the gym but then take a side step to the jacuzzi rather than the treadmill? How many of us sit at our desks in the morning and decide that we are only going to put 50% in today? How many of us put off that job move to the dream job because it’s easier where we are? This is the difference between the highly successful person and the successful person.

The highly successful person would not harbour any of these limiting thoughts but instead take each and every opportunity they have and make sure they maximise them to be the best they can be. It is also worth pointing out at this stage that success can come in different forms. It very much depends on what an individual deems as being successful. The criteria for being successful will vary depending on an individual’s outlook on life. None the less though a highly successful person will still take steps to be the best they can be.

4 core elements that drive motivation 

1. Direction 

Every highly-motivated person that I have worked with not only had a clear objective or goal that they were trying to achieve but had also managed to set the exact direction on how they were going to achieve it. 

2. Positive and resilient mindset

Highly motivated people continually have a positive and resilient mindset no matter what has happened. They are able to quickly pick themselves up and not dwell in the past or on what could have been. On top of this, they learn quickly to ensure they do not make the same mistakes.  Highly motivated people also continuously celebrate the small wins. This keeps them on an even keel and helps them see where they are being successful. 

3. Passionate about being the best 

Highly motivated people ooze passion!  They have a firm belief that they are the best. They enjoy being the best and build confidence through trying to be the best. This has a direct link to their mindset.  They ensure that they never cut corners and instead get the most from everything they do.

4. Create an enriching environment

Highly motivated people create an environment for themselves that makes life easy. They are able to utilise the strengths of people around them and set processes, systems and standards that are all aligned to being the best and to achieving their goal.

The next time you feel as if your motivation levels are slipping slightly, have a look at the 4 elements and change anything that doesn’t feel quite right. By utilising the elements any of us can be as good as the highly successful people that we look up to in awe.

Good Luck!