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New Year, New You? Now you've secured that new job, here's how to hand in your notice.

How To Hand In Your Notice Blog

New Year, New You? Now you've secured that new job, here's how to hand in your notice. 

January marks one of the most popular times to job search. What the New Year brings, is declarations of change, self-improvement, #NewYearNewMe along with renewed hiring budgets and rejuvenated decision makers. So maybe you are one of the 30% of UK workers who set your New Year resolution as a leap into a bigger better career; you polished your CV, got yourself out there and took full advantage of the opportunities on offer.

But what now? The reality of your decision is realised and you must now part with your current employer. Whatever your reason may be for leaving, we are creatures of habit and there is a natural amount of anxiety associated with leaving the security of your existing job to explore pastures new. One of the first things you must overcome is the emotional rollercoaster of handing your notice in. If handled badly, this can have a severely negative effect on future roes, but handled well and you can maintain life-long career allies!

A few things to consider to help your job transition.

Before you hand your notice in: BE PREPARED!

  • Check any legal requirements on your contract. Make sure you are clued up on exactly how long your notice period is. Is there any chance of a negotiation? How will your remaining unused holiday be accounted? Make sure these details fit with your proposed start date at the new job.
  • If you think you will be asked to leave immediately, prepare accordingly (but without making it too obvious what you are doing). Some businesses have a blanket policy others will be specific to the employee. Make sure you have a good idea of what will need handing over to make the process as smooth as possible.
  • Write a formal written notice to give to your boss (face to face).
    • Keep it short and sweet, it doesn’t need to outline your reasons for leaving and should be written in a professional manner.
  • Be pragmatic.
    • Number one – Never hand your notice in angry.
    • A useful exercise can be to write down all the reasons you want to leave beforehand. Can you identify common themes and constructive feedback to pass onto your employers? Also, think about what you are thankful for. What skills has the role allowed you to develop?

During the meeting:

  • Always hand your notice in face-to-face.
    • No matter what the situation, or how much you might like to ‘stick it to the man’, the way you hand your notice in can have repercussion for your future career, so keep it professional! Leaving a letter on your boss’ desk to find is showing a lack of respect and maturity to the person who is likely to be providing your references.
  • Take a deep breath
    • The process can be emotional but always remain professional and calm. Don’t let personal opinions get involved.
  • Tie up loose ends
    • Remember to be thankful for the opportunity you have been given, but also give constructive feedback.
    • Agree on a notice period, last paid day and how any remaining holiday will be factored into this.
    • Agree the parameters of your handover, what needs to be done and by when. You may not be able to do this in the first meeting, especially if there is not a clear succession, but make it clear you want to be as helpful as possible during the changeover.

If you are working out your notice period:

  • Be focused and complete the handover to the best of your ability. Make sure you have finished open tasks and pass over on-going projects.
  • Don’t distract other staff. You may be overjoyed to be moving on, but a lot of people are happy in their role and want to work hard to keep the business moving forward.

Leave on good terms:

First and foremost, most job offers are subject to good references, and whilst we know that employers cannot give an overtly negative reference, they can choose not to provide one at all, and that in itself, speaks volumes.

Importantly, remember those around you represent a vast network of people within your industry that can have huge impacts on your future career. People move on, set up businesses, etc. and one day you may find yourself looking to one of these people for your next move.

So there it is. Ripping the band-aid off is always daunting, but remember 2017 is the year of you!

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