In with the new, out with the old

In with the new, out with the old

05 Aug 10:00 by Alan Jarque


Have you recently started at a new company and are struggling to adapt to the ways in which they do things?

It is always hard when you begin a new role to put your old habits behind you and become accustomed to new methods of doing things. You may have been working at your previous company for many years and having lived and breathed their approaches every day it can be a real challenge to readjust. This is not to say that what you did before cannot be transferred, but that all companies work uniquely and even simply answering the phone may be slightly different. So embrace your new environment and accept the fact that you will have to change some of your outlooks.

Below are some suggestions to keep you focused on adapting to the style and techniques of your new workplace:

1. Embrace their values

More than likely, one of the reasons you will have been hired is because you fit the culture of the business. From directors to brand new hire, having common values in the workplace is important. You should not just take note of your company’s values but try and support and adopt them in everything you do.

2. Compromise

You will have lots to absorb in the first few weeks. Make sure you have a positive attitude and be ready with a notepad and pen to make plenty of notes. Do not be afraid to make suggestions, especially if you believe your ideas will contribute to greater efficiency. However, make sure you try everything first before you recommend a different way. You do not want to upset anyone! Also, remember that you will come across things which cannot be compromised on, such as different software which you will have to get grips with. Moreover, what worked at your old company may not at your new one. This may be frustrating but it is part of the deal!

3. Stop thinking out loud

You may be sitting their thinking that your old company had comfier chairs to sit back in or better programs to use; try and keep these thoughts to yourself. Your colleague sitting next to you does not want to hear you talking all day about how good or bad your old company was! Instead get to know them and ask them as many questions as you can about the company. When you are new you can get away with heaps of questions!

4. People watch

As you are getting to know who everyone is and discovering who has the drawer full of chocolate, you must also pay attention to your surroundings. It is very important to monitor the office’s dynamics and begin to understand the cultural expectations of the company. Do people eat their breakfast at their desk in the morning? Can you take private phone calls during work hours? If you are not sure about something, ask!

5. Time is on your side

Do not panic if after the first week you feel that you might not fit in. Feeling comfortable in your office and becoming knowledgeable about your company comes with time and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Make sure you meet with your manager regularly in your first few weeks and set targets. This will give you stability in your new environment and allow you to focus on your new role.

Remember: be yourself, respect your company’s values and most importantly, enjoy your new job!