What did I learn in my first month as a recruitment consultant?

What did I learn in my first month as a recruitment consultant?

03 Feb 11:00 by Alan Jarque


It is difficult to know what to do with your life when you finish University. After exploring various different career options, the chance to become a recruitment consultant appealed to me and with good reason too. Recruitment is an ever expanding industry with plenty of opportunities. A successful consultant is a respected voice in the industry whilst making a lot of money in the process, so it stands to reason that many consider a career in recruitment after they leave University or want to make a career change in a successful, thriving industry. But is it all it is cracked up to be?

I have recently passed my first milestone at Camino Partners having been here for little over a month. With that in mind I want to share a few insights into what to expect as a fresh graduate/recruitment newbie coming into the role and how (I think) I managed to hit the ground running and settle into life in recruitment.

I think one of the most essential things you have to have going into your first day is the right attitude. I know it sounds corny and cliché but it’s true. You need to be of a mind-set that it won’t always be about making those big placements or about making great sales calls or about smashing your targets and earning that big fat juicy commission cheque. You need to be realistic and realise that there will be times when you will struggle. For example, there are times when I would call and call and no one would answer me. When this happens it is easy to get frustrated but at times like this I try to remember a great piece of advice I was given on my first day; in recruitment, you get out what you put in. In other words, to succeed as a recruitment consultant, don’t focus on getting the right results but rather focus on doing the right things consistently. If you do this, the results will naturally follow.

Another thing I have learned in my first month is that fear has absolutely no place in your mind-set if you want to progress. If you are afraid that your next call is going to be a bad one, or anxious to place a candidate because you really want the commission, then you’re going about things all wrong. This seems like an obvious point but it’s an important one. Great consultants just get on with the job at hand. They’re not worried that a placement will fall through or about people not wanting to speak to them or of making mistakes. This is all down to the fact that they have an unshakeable self-belief. Having experienced my own anxieties going into the job, I found that the best way to get over any initial fears was to throw myself in at the deep end. I would talk to as many candidates as I could. I would pester my colleagues with questions. And I would try and gain as much knowledge as I could, as quickly as I could. I quickly began to feel confident in what I was doing and my initial fears were long gone. Overcoming any initial fears is an important first step for any budding consultant.

The final important thing I learned from my first month is that the very best consultants keep themselves grounded at all times. They don’t get too high when they are on an up, nor do they get too down when they are going through a blip. This final point is probably a combined result of self-confidence, work-ethic and the right frame of mind. If you believe in your ability, work hard on getting the process right, and have a positive attitude then you can be humble when things go your way, and resilient when things get tough.

While it has only been little over a month into my burgeoning career as a recruitment consultant I can firmly say that I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. It isn’t an easy job by any means and it isn’t for the faint hearted or shrinking violets. However, if I can manage to apply the lessons I’ve learned in my first month here at Camino Partners, and continue to learn from the great consultants and directors around me, then I am confident that I can become a valuable part of our team.