Camino Partners to sponsor Back Office Team of the Year Award

Camino Partners to sponsor Back Office Team of the Year Award

03 Jun 11:00 by Alan Jarque

Camino Partners is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the Back Office Team of the Year Award at this year’s RI Awards!
The Awards honour the best of the best in our industry, and will be presented this year at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.


Alan McBride (our managing director) commented, “Camino Partners are delighted to sponsor this award as we are passionate advocates for the value provided by strong and proactive back office support teams”.

“Just as Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t win a grand prix without a strong support team, your business may not achieve its full potential without the right team oiling the wheels for you.

“Whether it’s your finance function looking after the money and keeping the cash flowing, HR ensuring the right working environment, marketing making the phone ring, or IT, office Management, operations or compliance keeping everything running smoothly, we know that the right people and the right team can make a great difference to your business performance, customer relationships and ultimately, your market valuation.

“In an industry known to promote, value, recognise and reward its sales staff very well, it’s a real pleasure to be supporting and rewarding the unsung heroes in the back office – those people whose work often goes unnoticed, despite being a vital contributor to the smooth running of your business.”

Tickets to the Awards are free and available to directors of Top 500 companies. Find out more about the Awards, tickets and entries here.

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