Deadline day and the recruitment sector

Deadline day and the recruitment sector

03 Feb 11:00 by Alan Jarque


Monday night marked the closing of the transfer market across the UK football leagues, and one thing in particular I drew from the action (or lack thereof) is the same problem being faced by the UK job market- a lack of readily available talent. As an avid Liverpool supporter I was disappointed, albeit not surprised, with the absence of new talent added to the club.

In the past, deadline day has thrown up some real surprises. Some business good, some business bad and a lot of business rushed. In a way, this can be seen as synonymous with recruitment efforts within companies. Hiring managers can react in a multitude of ways when a vacancy arises for one reason or another.

At times a reactionary approach is taken and there will be an urgency to get as many interviews booked in as possible; numerous agencies will be engaged and a hire will be made as soon as possible. Although sometimes this method will work out, a percentage of the time rushed hires are not the best possible candidates for the job. See here for an example.

Other managers, however, will take a more considered approach. The acceptance of a wait for the right candidate can be beneficial when things are looked at on a longer timescale and in a lot of instances, patience pays.

One method, in business at least, which can ease the pain of losing important members of a team is to take a partnership approach with a recruitment consultancy. That way a hiring manager, or whoever is tasked with filling teams, can get the most value from a recruiter. After all how many companies actually consult with the recruitment agencies they use? –The OED definition is: ‘to seek information or advice from (someone, especially an expert or professional)’. If a partnership model is taken, businesses can be in better positions to replace quality with quality when the need arises. This has the potential to eradicate pain points for hiring managers who may not be expecting any imminent departures and are left light, surprised and panicked when their star employee leaves.

In many people’s opinions, this approach would be beneficial for client, candidate and recruiter alike…The only problem is that it could not bring Suarez back to Liverpool!