The Rise of Talent Acquisition

The Rise of Talent Acquisition

03 Feb 11:00 by Alan Jarque


Since the turn of the year there has been a wave of opportunities within the recruitment sector, with many of our clients looking at bringing in new individuals within the business support and infrastructure area, as many high growth businesses have reflected on the successes of last year and how they can continue to enhance their development into 2015.

At the forefront of these plans for future growth and development I am experiencing an ever increasing demand for Internal Recruitment Consultants, also known as “Talent Acquisition Consultants” or “Talent Managers”; someone who can take ownership of the internal recruitment function and seek out the best possible talent, either on a graduate level or in terms of experienced hires.

Essentially, recruitment companies are looking for someone who has ideally had previous experience within the sector and is looking to move internally and play a hands on role in the future growth of the business, acting as the face of the organisation and a strong advocate and brand ambassador, proactively headhunting and networking to find people who fit their particular mould.

And in many ways, this new direction of having an expert within the field of Talent Acquisition makes a lot of sense for many reasons. Firstly, from a commercial perspective, it reduces the unwanted cost of paying out constant rec-2-rec fees, which is something that this role nullifies. In addition, it means that this specialist person can always be looking for great candidates and market mapping in order to ensure that the business is at the head of the market in comparison to competitors.

However, for me the biggest advantage of having a Talent Acquisition specialist is that it creates a streamlined process, with an established method of finding people who fit the exact mould of the business, in terms of experience, culture and how they would fit into the existing office environment and grow within the organisation.

There is also an intrinsic link between the Talent Acquisition piece and Learning and Development, or Sales Training, as it is also known. In many ways, the worst thing a recruitment business can do is simply ‘put bums on seats’, sit someone at a computer with a phone and let them loose on calling candidates and clients.

This may have worked in a bygone era, however people are increasingly looking to be invested in and valued, rather than being left to either sink or swim, which can often happen. And after all, if others are doing it and being successful, why not show how valued your people are?

Therefore, if someone is going to be bringing individuals into the business, then why not allow them to take ownership of the development of those people? They have obviously identified key strengths within that person and will have a real passion for seeing that person develop into a top biller, so it makes sense to combine the Talent Acquisition element with Learning and Development in order to bring the best out of that person’s raw skills, as well as increasing the chances of retaining that person, as they will feel nurtured and supported throughout their time there.

In conclusion, it is easy to recognise how Talent Acquisition has grown as a key function within recruitment as it certainly brings great value and a range of advantages that set dynamic, hungry and driven businesses apart from the rest.