The Rise and Rise of Marketing in Recruitment

The Rise and Rise of Marketing in Recruitment

03 Feb 11:00 by Alan Jarque


Over the past 10-20 years there has been a shift from Marketing & Sales roles to Marketing roles in their own right, one main component of this could be attributed to the rise of Digital Marketing, as well as advertising moving from leaflets / billboard advertising to sponsored ads online and graphics moving from paper based to Photoshop / Adobe Indesign. Given the difficulty of attributing specific gains / benefits from marketing campaigns it is generally the first thing to be cut in a recession and the first thing to be brought in in boom times (like now) – although logical this is also short sighted – the benefits of excellent marketing can be felt in all economic climates, and by investing money and effort when no one else is may seem risky but it’s a sure fire way of getting ahead of the competition and getting your name out there whilst other companies are stagnating. The amount of free marketing that any Recruitment Consultant can do is substantial, (with a free Linkedin account as a given) taking some time to create a work based Twitter or Google Plus account, are excellent platforms to assist you to get to know your candidates better – finding groups where your candidates hang-out – or finding new candidates / prospective employees.

The view of marketing in recruitment differs significantly from company to company, these can be split up into 2 groups who either see Marketing as a driver or as a support function. Do you feel you need a Marketeer because it’s the industry norm or to send out the odd post or email? Or do you see it as a way to drive business to your company, develop your firm into a market-leading think-tank – putting out fresh, interesting and thought provoking content onto social media sites and generating thousands of followers across the platforms? Some of the most successful recruitment companies that we have seen in recent times sponsor regular events inviting the top professionals within their field to share thoughts and ideas, and network together. One of the first ways that someone comes into contact with your firms culture is through your website, not only is it an excellent way to show your jobs / news / give people an insight into your culture – but it could make you seem like an archaic dinosaur or a tech savvy forward thinking company breaking down boundaries.

Google analytics campaigns, google adwords, PPC, SEO campaigns and Linkedin recruiter campaigns have all proven to generate excellent ROI for your business and in today’s media savvy, uber-competitive environment are almost a must for any ambitious recruitment organisation looking to grow. Even getting everyone in the business to become more social media aware or doing things like writing blogs is a good way to get some good press.