APSCo’s Representative Committee

APSCo’s Representative Committee

03 Feb 11:00 by Alan Jarque


A quick note from Alan McBride, MD.
I am honoured to have been elected to APSCo’s Representative Committee. From its establishment, APSCo has led the thinking around the development of the quality, sophistication and accountability of the recruitment profession and its increasingly active links to legislators ensure it will be playing an ever more important role in the sector’s further evolution.

Helping to shape such an important trade body is a real challenge and one to which I am looking forward immensely: I am confident that my unique perspective – an accountant and FD who has transferred to sales and recruitment – will add some tangible value to the committee.

To those who voted for me, thank you for your confidence: I’m committed to being an active and constructive advocate for all APSCo member agencies and the recruitment profession as a whole.