About Us

Connecting the right people to
the right roles

Camino Partners are back office to boardroom recruitment specialists for people based service industries.

Specialising in the Recruitment, Management Consultancy, and Media & Creative industries, Camino Partners places technically able, commercially focused and culturally aware back office support specialists into organisations who acknowledge that in order to succeed they need the very best back office support operation.

Our Vision & Values

We want to be the natural choice for our clients, candidates and consultants.

For us, our vision is about much more than just placing the right people in the right roles, it's about improving the sectors we work in. We encapsulate this vision with our commitment to improve the People, Perception and Performance of all the businesses we partner with.


With over 50 years' of industry experience in our directors alone, we really do understand the sectors and we know the culture inherent in people related service businesses of all types. This gives us a real edge in being able to place incredibly talented people from our unrivalled network of candidates, who will not only fit into your environment but will help to provide a platform for your growth.


We are completely dedicated to improving the perception of the sectors we work in. It’s no surprise that the only way to attract fresh, new talent for non-sales roles is by painting the sector in the right light.  Everything we do, from our candidate sourcing and consultative business development to our sector-specific events, is aimed at improving best practice within our industries. 


We want to see our clients’ businesses thrive. Other than providing you with top talent, we will give you straight talking, consultative advice.  We partner with you to ensure that you have all you need from an infrastructure perspective, allowing you to focus on enhancing the performance of your business.

Our History


    In 2011, three ex-colleagues met for a drink in a Spanish restaurant called Camino in King’s Cross. Drawing on their previous experience and vast network, they realised there was a gap in the market for a company to specialise in placing finance roles within the recruitment sector and an idea was born. Realising that “Camino” referred to a path or way, their new business would help clients and candidates on their path to success.

  • January 2012

    Camino Partners officially starts trading out of a three-person office in Barbican.

  • 2013

    Jon and Harry (now our two Team Leaders) join the business. Camino expands its offering from Finance to cover all back-office business support roles for the recruitment sector, including HR, marketing, compliance and administration.

  • 2015

    Building on the success of the new divisions and employee growth, Camino Partners upgrades to a new 30-person office in Farringdon.  In line with this our vision expands and our goal is to be back-office to boardroom level specialist recruiters across a range of people based service industries.

  • 2016

    After gaining market dominance in the Recruitment sector, Camino Partners emulates this success by offering its provision to the management consultancy sector.

  • 2017

    Camino Partners grows further, with director Matt Newman opening a new division placing finance professionals into the media & creative industries.



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    Sachin Ruparelia

    Joint MD - Recruitment & Management Consultancy

    Tel: 020 3805 5234


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    Alan McBride FCCA


    Tel: 020 3805 5223


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    Jack Dixon

    Marketing and Operations Executive

    Tel: 020 3805 5231


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    Natasha South

    Operations and Marketing Manager

    Tel: 020 3805 5220


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    Jon Martin

    Team Leader - Business, Infrastructure and Support

    Tel: 020 3805 5229


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    Molly Hogan

    Senior Consultant - Part-Qualified and Qualified Finance

    Tel: 020 3805 5233


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    Harry Hewson

    Team Leader - Finance - Senior and Board level Finance

    Tel: 020 3805 5232


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    Tom Garratt

    Senior Consultant - Part Qualified and Transactional Finance

    Tel: 020 3805 5224


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    Matt Newman

    Joint MD - Media and Creative Industries

    Tel: 020 3805 5222


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    Oliver Dunne

    Consultant - Media and Creative Industries

    Tel: 020 3805 5225


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    Kianna Briggs

    Consultant - EA / PA's

    Tel: 0203 826 1161


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    Ferdiye Ozler

    Consultant - Compliance & Operations

    Tel: 0203 805 5221


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    Michael Lavery

    Consultant - Finance

    Tel: 0203 905 5276


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    Gary Marshall

    Consultant - Marketing & HR

    Tel: 0203 905 5275


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    Shannon Thomas

    Resourcer - Finance

    Tel: 0203 805 5231


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    Leah Bowes

    Operations Assistant

    Tel: 0203 805 5220


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    Harry Rock

    Recruitment Consultant - Finance

    Tel: 0203 805 5227


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    Tomas Wood

    Resourcer - Marketing, L&D, IT & Bids

    Tel: 0203 826 1662


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    Til Schultheiss

    Media & Creative - Resourcer

    Tel: 0203 805 5228


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    Blossom Amaning

    Resourcer - Business Infrastructure and Support

    Tel: 0203 805 5226


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    Tom Manning

    Recruitment Consultant - Finance

    Tel: 0203 961 5120